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A stylish pregnancy

       Dans Ma Bulle is your shop specialized in clothes and accessories for pregnant women. Unique in Madagascar, Dans Ma Bulle reinvents the fashion of future moms with trendy and comfortable outfits, imagined and designed by stylist Nathalie Dache. To live well is to feel good inside and out.



        Finding outfits that make you feel comfortable, chic and trendy at the same time is not easy when you're pregnant. Nathalie Dache gave birth to 3 little loves, 3 small wonders. But the joy of motherhood intertwined with the treasure hunt for maternity clothes. This is how the idea came to put his talent as a stylist for pregnant women and lactating moms. Dress them up. A dream that it concretizes through Dans Ma Bulle. Nathalie Dache dreamed, imagined, designed and produced for you clothes with unique cuts and comfortable materials. Aware of the fashionable and practical urgency of future mothers, she designs maternity accessories and clothes at a reasonable price. A brand that dresses moms for over a year. And now, also children and their parents (Family collection).

Mother & Daughter

Father & Son